Donna asks about Grape Seed and Allergies…

Dr. Dan: I have been reading several articles (including yours) on grape seed extract and the benefits for horses and found this quite interesting.  My horse is IR (insulin resistant) and this year has developed extreme allergies not to mention the wheezing and coughing along with them.  She is 16 and I’ve had blood work done and other tests which came back normal (except her insulin) but they’ve diagnosed it as allergies.  Have searched endlessly for information on just how much (dosage) she should receive daily.  Would you kindly inform me, and if possible recommend a good product to purchase.  Also, can human products be administered to her if I can find the grape seed extract?  What is the best form, i.e. capsule, liquid, table, etc.?  What is the best method to give this to her?  Have tried other products but nothing seems to be helping her and antihistamines from my vet are not working either.  He insists on a steroid but considering she is IR and already at risk I’m afraid to give this to her as she may founder. Thanks so much. Donna S.

Grape seed is awesome and part of many of our products. Please go to and use the seacrh box to search for "allergies" and  you will find much info through past questions and answers. You can most likely have a new horse soon. Simply follow the advise to the "T" at Got to get all such horses off commercial feed. To the feeding program also add our Health Check supplement of ours to help get rid of the "junk" in the system. Also add for immune support our Aller Check.  These will all help the iR situation as well. Should your horse have a fat cresty neck add our Critical Care IR formula.

It would be very difficult to get enough GS from human products. AND of course you can see our products are so much more than just grape seed. Many of the product ingredients look similar but the amounts of each are unique also all the products are designed to work together. FYI "fun facts".. actually introduced grape seed to horse nutrition over 12 years ago.

Thanks For Asking!

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