Sheridan asks about "scratches" with her horse…

Dear Dr. Dan I am reading all different treatments for scratches – what do you recommend?
Many thanks,
Sheridan T.

Hello Sheridan,

Others may say otherwise, but Scratches, in my opinion, is the body attempting to discharge something through the skin, the bodies largest organ. The key is to help the body get rid of such junk, not put more back in and support the immune system.  To accomplish this I always suggest our "Health Check" supplement.

But please note that the BIGGEST source of such "junk" is commercial feed with hydrogenated fats etc. I don't know what your feeding program is, but I also always suggest following our feeding program which you can learn much more about at the easy-to-remember site and follow it to the "T". No commercial feed at all.

To further support the immune system I suggest our "Aller Check" supplement (somewhat pricey but is awesome!).

Regardless of what others might say, The problem is not a fungus and treating such only makes worse.

Of course, vaccinate, deworm etc with chemicals and other sources of toxins as little as you feel comfortable with. We do fecals.  Topically, I would only use our Grape Balm herbal would healer. It is ugly and stinks but works great.

There is an audio in my online library about Thrush and White Line (all similar to scratches) that you might enjoy listening to at You can also see other questions/answers dealing with Scratches at:

Scratches are not easy Sheridan and can be a pain, but by focusing on working on it "inside-out" has helped hundreds if not thousands through the years.

Keep us posted and thanks for asking!

Dr. Dan

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