Joyce with a Cushings question…

I brought a rescue horse home and she has cushings — what do you recommend feeding her?  She is on pasture a LITTLE and I feed her a little grass hay – soaked first — first time I have had a horse with this — I have gotten some weight off of her — I love your Bug Check and use it all the time — thanks for your time and information, Joyce

Hello Joyce,

Please look over our website at
as well as these search results at for
lots of information.

I don't know what you are feeding now, but Our Feeding Program that you will
learn about at the link above is the needed foundation! It consists of an
Oats diet (no commercial feed!) along with our "Just Add Oats" supplement,
our RED CAL (no blocks!) and our Weight Check Oil (with Omegas).

Again see more

In some cases I would also suggest our Gut Check supplement and
have also asked others to consider our Critical Care Hypothyroid formula.
(I know it says overweight formula too but basically it is great for cushings and regulates sugars)
It is pricey but really nothing else like it and generally only a tub or two is needed.

Please keep me posted and thanks for asking!

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