Martha with question about her 9 Yr. Old Foxtrotter gelding

Hi Dr Dan,

I have a 1/2 quarter 1/2 fox trotter gelding about 9yr old. He always looks thin through the hips an spine, I feed open pasture plus always have fresh 1200lb round bale of clover mix available. I worm on a schedule with my vet but I think he looks thin, everyone else in the neighborhood thinks my horses are fat. Is this just his breeding or am I missing something? I grain only in the winter as they are not worked but just pets, yes we ride but not enough these days its to hot and Charlie doesnt like to sweat.

Thank you-  Martha

Hello Martha,

If he doesn't sweat I would seriously look at the minerals he is not getting. Truth is that today a horse can't get all he needs from grass or hay. Our soils where grass and hay grow are just deficient….period. They have plenty of fertilizer in them but all those other minerals on the periodic chart we learned in high school just aren't there. Also vitamins are few and far between as are good fats deficient.  Please look the website Bottom line horses today must be supplemented. See the article about salt and minerals on page 21 of the magazine and the one called "perfect pastures" too.

I really suggest at a minimum our Red Cal free choice, our product called Just Add Oats (just a handful of oats needed to add the supplements to).  Our Weight Check Oil is a real must to either lose or gain weight.  2 oz help lose and maintain. More will help gain.

Also please look over It may give you an unique view point on "regular deworming".

Thanks for asking! I hope you enjoy the articles, videos etc.

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