Carrie's question about "hay fields"

Hi Dr. Dan,  

We have 6 acres of fields that we use for hay.  We are new at making our own hay.  This year I seeded the field and then we fertilized it for the first time.  I am really intersted in your opinion about using fertilizer and am wondering if there any books that talk about making hay more naturally.  I know you talked about lime in one of your articles.  

Do you put that on every year and at what time in the year?  

Any info would be appreciated.  

Thank you,  Carrie D.

Yes lime and if you see weeds you need lime. Every area is different amount wise. I would check out our "Pasture Check" product as well.

There is an article about it in the magazine. Other than these lime and it..only natural sources of fertilizer such as manure, compost or perhaps some natural form of minerals quarried locally.  On the amount of lime and that availability of such I would suggest you just "ask around" since every area is different. I just feel like salt based fertilizers (10 10 10 or similar) are destroying our soils and environment. I also did a CD called "animals don't lie" that I think is the one has some info about such. It may be the one called "Uncivilized Health".

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Thanks for asking

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