Sheryl asks a deworming question…

Thank you for your impressive prompt response to our Equine Sarcoids email.  Appreciate your opinion, will ponder your advice.  

One other quick question, same horse 14 yr gelding, NSH recent full fecal egg count was 625.  Really do not want to use a chemical wormer, have used Dynamite Herbal Tonic, too much powder, Jake (horse) would not eat it, got him to eat it, did not reduce his worm count.  

With this current egg count would you try your natural wormer (LOVE that it is in liquid form!!!) or use chemical and then try to maintain on your wormer?  Used Ivermectin in April.  UGH, this is agonizing.  He does experience some stress colic when the season changes summer to fall, don't want his immune system compromised heading into fall.  

Thank you for your help.

 REALLY appreciate it.

Sheryl D.

For sure read the article on salt and minerals as I would be real surprised if our RED CAL didn't  help prevent the colic issues in the future. I would suggest our Worm check paste (go to for info on worming in general). After using I would recheck in 3 weeks the fecal. If by chance is still positive give 3 days in a row. If then still positive 3 weeks late I would really suggest focusing on supporting the immune system with our Health Check supplement. I really suggest the Red Cal free-choice asap. The colic you mention is a "tell tale" sign. See the article "Mineral Wise, Salt Poor" linked to from the What To Feed Your Horse website as well as our Magalog also the multiple audios and videos in the library section and linked to throughout the website. Links Below.

Thanks For Asking!

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