A Tip to Jean with a horse that blows and plays with the RED CAL…


If I  leave the red cal out for free feeding,  I have one horse who plays in it and wastes it.   He blows it and it comes out of the bucket and scatters.     Is there a way I can add it to their daily feeding?   I have tried putting a couple of ounces at the sides of their individual feed tubs at night ( in their stalls) and it is gone the next morning. 

Red-Cal (25lb.)






Only put an inch or so of RED CAL  in the bucket. Wet it or let it rain on it (tip the water off the top after the rain). With only an inch or so and wet they can blow it out and it actually sticks to the bucket when tipped too. It is fine to put on the feed (a tablespoon or so a day) but the real preventive health is still having available free-choice. See the article on page 20 in the magazine (link below) and also at What To Feed Your Horse link below.


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