Carlita's question about horse with cushings, possible insulin resistant and more…

I have a cushings horse that we think is also insulin resistant, he has foundered in the past and has laminitis off and on. I started using a barefoot trimmer and your products a couple months ago.  I just recived the just add oats, weight check and health check, and I have the red-cal. I just wanted to know if it was ok to feed all these at the same time. I noticed some had the same ingredients as others.

Why do I need to feed the Red Cal and the just add oats?  

Thank you,  Carlita


Thanks for asking. All are designed to work together. Totally different concentrations for totally different reasons. Our Just Add Oats is what man knows they need. Our Red Cal product, simply-put, replaces salt and mineral blocks (see the article on salt and minerals in the magazine why these are killing our horses and a big part of the cause for laminitis to begin with) red cal really does more by probably providing micronutrients not yet discovered by man. There is an article on laminitis as well in the magazine and in the library section audios as well. Also see the article called Perfect Pastures.