Kathy asks about treating rain rot…

I was told once that when treating rain rot bleach and listerine mixed together but I don't remember the dilution of that. I am waiting for the owner of the horse to send money to pick up fungus shampoo for the horse but do you have something natural that you can recommend that I might have laying around the house to use?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi Kathy,

I would never suggest any "fungus" shampoo or ointment or any chemical at all. Fungus is not the issue. If it were, as contagious as fungus is, ALL horses would have.

The key is the immune system and I have found that the body is trying to actually "discharge" "junk" for lack of a better descriptive term. Junk is from commercial feed, dewormers, vaccines and all the other toxins and synthetics we expose our horses too so…

All that being said they key to successful long term treatment is to help the body get rid of this "junk", not put more back in and support the immune system. We do that with the feeding program at http://www.whattofeedyourhorse.com/. Follow it to the "T" for long term health. Deworm (do fecals instead… See http://www.wormcheck.com/), vaccinate etc as little as you feel comfortable with so as to not put more back in. Help the body get rid of the "junk" with our supplement called health Check and support the immune system with joint Check. You will have a new horse. Topically you can use our grape balm herb wound healer will not interfere with the body trying to get rid of the junk as would other topicals.

Thanks for asking!

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  1. Renee Ralston

    My horse gets fly bites all over her front end and face, I use 1 part listerine, 1 part  mineral oil, and 1 part water. spray or wipe it on. works great.

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