Sherry asked about lesions on 2 horses (mother/daughter)

Dr. Dan:  I have 2 gray horses,mother & daughter, that have a few raised black lesions on the skin.  Mostly, they are around the head and ear area.  My vet said they were mylenoma?  I am not sure of the word.  I asked him what we should do. He said they do not mean the same on horses as they do on humans.  He was not concerned.  They do not appear on my other horses.  Would you be able to explain what these are and what they will do?  The horses are not bothered by them.  But I am.


They are a tumor or a form of cancer. They are very common in horses especially grey. They mayor may not cause issues. I would consider putting our Grape Balm herbal wound healer on them. If anything topical will help it will. Wish I could tell you more, but sometimes its and issue others not. The grape balm is worth the try for sure.

Thanks for asking!

Dr Dan