Marilyn asks about her horse with "scratches"…

Dr. Dan

Apparently my horse has a case of scratches.  I just found it last night.  I see on the net there are so many thoughts on it.  He wasn't in mud and isn't in mud, so I can't figure out why this happened, too much moisture in the grass he was standing on perhaps??  What and how to treat?  I am also looking in your archives to see if I can find something.  I don't want it to spread.  

Thanks. Marilyn

Hi Marilyn,

Scratches has little to do with mud. In my opinion it is the body attempting to discharge something through the skin, the bodies largest organ. Forget the fungus issue. If it were fungus only all horses exposed would have it. The key is to help the body get rid of such junk, not put more back in and support the immune system. To help get rid of such I suggest the Health check supplement. The biggest source of such "junk" is commercial feed with hydrogenated fats etc. I suggest following our feeding program at to the "T". No commercial feed at all. To support the immune system I suggest the Aller Check supplement (somewhat pricey but awesome). Of course vaccinate, deworm etc with chemicals and other sources to toxins as little as you feel comfortable with. We do fecals.  Topically I would only use our Grape balm herbal would healer. It is ugly and stinks but works great. Fungal products,bleach etc only make worse. Scratches are not easy and can be a pain but the above has helped hundreds if bot thousands. Thanks for asking!