"Conversation" with Lisa about what to feed her horses…

Dr. Dan,

What is the exact micro and macro content of (your) Red Cal, do i need to add Copper. My horse has severe arthritis in his hock and from what im reading this could have been triggered by a mineral deficency? I thought one of these was believed to be copper. Is there any hope his conditon could be improved by this supplement? 

Even if it were, which is SO….unlikely There is a lot of misinformation out there on copper. I would suggest actually our entire feeding program including the Red Cal. That program is at www.whattofeedyourhorse.com. The ingredients are on the label and can be seen when you click on the product online or you could call the office and they can fax you a label. The sources are natural sea beds from ancient oceans. Truth is there are probably micronutrients we haven't yet discovered too. Simply put Just Add oats supplement is what MAN knows they need (plus the fatty acids in Weight Check) and Red Cal ( Red Cal being free choice especially too) "picks up the pieces".

I would suggest for your horse our Joint check supplement as well. There is nothing like it either and along with the feeding program (and by itself) has helped thousands and thousands. Thanks For Asking!

Do i still need to supplement selenium?

Absolutely not. Red Cal has a very very safe organic selenium too.

What about the clacium: phosphorous ratio, does it balance out the hat im feeding( grass with some alfala).

The Just Add Oats is balanced per what "man knows". Regardless of what the get alfalfa or grass hay or simply grass they fill in what they need with the free choice Red Cal. We have tens of thousands on it and have our own research herd of 200 plus (all ages, mares stallions etc) so rest assured they will excel and get what they need.

Could i contiune feeding the current feed im on and use red cal and just add oats without the oats. Im feeding triple crown lite and legends perforamance, both are already fortified feed?

I would switch to oats asap. Commercial feeds are full of hydrogenated fats. These are killing us and our horses in my opinion. The industry has yet to admit it as an issue since they have alternative that is stable enough to ship across country in hot trucks and feed rooms. Red cal and weight check is fine with anything and I would give half on Just ad oats. Please do see the www.whattofeedyourhorse.com website and or page 4 and 5 of the magazine.

Thanks Again For Asking!

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