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I have a boarder whose owner travels a lot and her horse has heaves.  He is currently on prednisone and an herbal for heaves, but he is usually in some level of distress.  He lives out, but due to lack of grass from the heat, he gets hay along with the rest of the herd.  It is good clean hay.  What to you suggest?  


Karen J.

Heaves is one of the worst forms of allergies as I am sure you know. All such actually start in the gut. Hundreds of horses now if not thousands have been greatly helped and most all extremely helped by getting them off all commercial feed and onto our feeding program at all commercial feed that I have found is full of hydrogenated fats etc etc. These are killing us and our horses. Of course vaccines, chemical dewormers etc should be reduced to as little as the owners feels comfortable with  to also decrease other "junk" into the system. (We don't give any)

To support the immune system further I always suggest our Aller Check supplement and our to help get rid of the "junk" already in the system our Health Check. Expect at the least a much improved horse. The hay is not really the issue.  It just helps "trigger". There are multiple audios on the website library section and an article on allergies in the magazine and even a video on allergies in the library section of our site.

Thanks for asking!


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