I answer Carlita's question about Cushings…

I have a 10 year old horse with Cushings (on Pergolide), with laminitis and white line disease.

He had a systemic fungal infection a couple years ago, we had to treat it orally and it finally cured his hairless leg after a few months of trying everything. I just started the red cal high mag, health check and gut check. He gets hay and some almonds (no grain at all). He is off the grass since he gets grass founder. I wanted to know if you had any thoughts on systemic yeast/fungal infections.

I heard they can affect joints and wreak havoc on the whole body. He has been itchy all over but the health check and gut check seem to be helping. I know probiotics can treat yeast/fungal infections which isnt that basically what white line disease is? I want to get back to the basics and make sure he is getting the nutrition his body needs to heal and then work on whatever else he may need from there.

Do you have any thoughts? Is it ok to use health check and gut check together at the same time?

All of our products are designed to work together so no problem with health, gut or any of them. The "leg fungus"  (possibly scratches)  and white line are pretty much the same issue. In each case the body is trying to "discharge something". The fungus is not the issue.  The key to treat them is to help the body with this "discharge". The health check is the correct supplement. Of course you don't want to put any more back in either. (Commercial feed, vaccinations, dewormers etc are potential sources).  I would suggest Just Add Oats supplement with a handful of oats to mix it with. I have thousands of laminitic and cushings horses on oats  by the way with only positive benefits. I would also add the Weight Check oil supplement  (cell membranes transport nutrients into the cells and "junk" out AND these membranes are almost all fat…Weight Check is good fat not hydrogenated fat. Also see www.whattofeedyourhorse.com. This is the program I would suggest especially considering the cushings and laminitis too. I would follow it to the "T" and eventually as time goes on wean OFF the pergolide as I have been able to do with hundreds.

One more thing…many think that cushings is related to vaccines. I do as well. I also feel hydrogenated fats as in almost all commercial feed, is killing our horses and a potential cause.

Thanks for asking Carlita!