Rhoda asks about help for her rescued 7 year-old Thoroughbred

Hi Dr. Dan,

I am at a loss as to what to do for my 7 year-old Thoroughbred.  I've had him less than a year.  He was a rescue, was nearly starved a little over a year ago, but now is doing well.  I've had him for 9 mos. and accordingy to our vet is allergic to flies.  He eats alphalpha and tri-mix supplemented w/ omelene and oat bran.  I have tried everything on the market to help decrease his suffering from chronic itching and biting.  I was inspired when I found you on the web.  

Can you make this easy for me, and recommend what products you carry that you would recommend to help provide him comfort.  Like all of us, we have been hit hard by the economy and would like to try to keep this within a manageable budget.  I really liked what you had to say but don't have a clue where to start.  I really hope I hear back from you and can provide relief to my beloved horse.  

Rhoda R.

Hi Rhoda,

Hope the best for you all here… follow the feeding program at www.WhatToFeedYourHorse.com to the "t"… no commercial feed or other supplements…. just oats (gradually switch to same amount of grain now feeding). to these oats add Just Add Oats supplement and weight check oil supplement. Also make Red Cal available free choice at all times. Add Aller check for immune support and Health Check to help get rid of all the junk already in the system. I expect you will have a new horse soon. This has helped for so many I would be surprised if not for yours too. there are articles on the web and in the magazine, there is an video and audio in the library section. and feel free to search www.askdrdan.com for allergies.  

Thanks for asking!