Brenda with an update on Megan for us all…


Hi Dr Dan,
Just thought you would like an update on my little girl Megan……..after only 4 months her thyroid levels are in normal ranges. She loves her whole oats with Weight Check Oil and Just for Oats diet! I saw positive attitude and activity results in just weeks but the truth was in her blood work. I do believe your supplements and especially your Critical Care OHI have saved her life. We've gotten back in the showpen and she's so willing and happy and responsive.

It's been an amazing change of so many things with her prior condition. Please pass me along if anyone is having doubt about making these changes to diet and such. I followed your every direction and I'm so glad I listened to your advice and challenged the norm!!
And you know what…as pricey as the changes seemed in the beginning(as you know I went full boat), it was far cheaper than vet bills and prescription fees and the risks with the usual medications.

Thank you Dr Dan!
Brenda K.
How much longer should I keep her on the Critical Care OHI formula?
She has lost pretty much all her weight that she needed to loose but is still a little bit cresty on the neck only and that seems to still be diminishing…no longer at the dock at all…….
Thanks so much for sharing Brenda- that is great news for sure!

After the crest is gone for a month or so u can stop CC.

Again thanks!