Michelle with questions about switching 4 horses to whole oats diet…

Hi Dr. Dan, I am switching my four horses to the whole oats diet.  Did look up in the archives but since every feed is different. How much whole oats for the following with good pasture and grass hay:

1.  Paso Fino (previously laminitic) starting to get back to her weight. New trimmer has helped a lot.

2. 6 year old Icelandic (no problems)

3. 11 year old Thorougbred, great weight and muscle, around 1100lbs.

4. 29 year old thoroughbred/quarthorse cross. (previou bouts of uveitis, no more). starting to lose a little top line but other wise runs and keeps up with the rest.  

Also, what brand or what are the best whole oats available. Here in ten. we have Purina, (dusty) or ones through the co-op coated with tertiary butyl hydroquinnone.

Thank you for your help.I know they will be much happier and healthier!

Michelle T.

Just plane old whole oats, but the cleaner the better. Purina does have steam crimped which are not cooked in steam only washed in steam which have been good in most parts of the country. For The amount, I suggest the same of whatever feed they were getting before and then after a month or so you can increase or decrease as needed based on how they look and act. Amount of grain to give is an "art" rather than a science for any grain. The books say 1 percent of body weight daily but that's 10 lbs for a 1000 lb horse. Very few get that much which is another reason oats are so great!!!!  …when properly supplemented of course.

Thanks for asking Michelle!