Kit had a question about Hives…

Dr. Dan,  My 3 year old horse has had hives since mid May.  

We've tried changing hay, feed, bedding, and finally sent him away for a complete change of environment.  Nothing so far has worked except keeping him on prednisilone.  We had an allergy test and apparently he is allergic to everything.  Even OATS came up as a positive!  He is highly allergic to many types of grass, oats and wheat, horse flies and no-see-ums, and pine trees.  

The vet recommends the steroids prn (so far he's needed them about every three-four days – this keeps the hives at a manageable level but not completely gone) and wait for the change of seasons to see if they clear up.  After that she says we can do injections to desensitize him.  

Do you have any suggestions?  

Thanks, Kit

Plenty. I see them every day. Lots of money spent on useless testing that as you said "allergic to EVERYTHING" you possibly can't keep a horse away from. Steroids only make matters worse by "confusing" the immune system and covering symptoms

Absolutely pay no attention to what they are "allergic" to- testing wise.  These are not the issue ….the immune system and all the junk from vaccinations, past chemicals, and especially commercial processed feeds are the problem.

We have tremendous, though not instantaneous, success with allergies. All allergies start in the gut. The skin as hives, itch etc is just trying to "discharge" the "junk". So…

First, Get this horse off all commercial feed and follow the feeding program at to the "T". This is also explained in the magazine below on page 4.    There is an article on allergies in the magazine and also a video in the library section of our website.

Even though your horse is "allergic" to oats they are the best as discussed on the feed website mentioned. . I have hundreds that have been allergic to them and done great on the oats with the proper supplements and NO adverse events. So have no fear there … They along with the supplements suggested will help and are critical.

The supplements to add to the oats discussed on the site are Just Add Oats and our good and extremely important source of healthy fatty acids Weight Check oil. Offer Red Cal free choice at all times too.

Now also Add for additional immune support the Aller Check supplement. May not need this supplement forever but critical to start. Also add the Health Check to help get rid of all the "junk" in the system.

Stop all other supplements and feed.

The above has helped hundreds and hundreds. If anything will it will. Also check out and search for allergies.

Thanks for asking! Enjoy your new horse!