Deanna asks about her 2 horses going "natural"…

Dr. Dan,

I recently was told about your products from my friend and owner of my boarding facility.  I am very interested in switching over to your products but of course, each horse has different needs and I could use your help developing a "change over" plan.    

Horse#1 – Jupiter – 8y/o appaloosa gelding used for trail riding.  He tends to be a bit on the fluffy side but is very muscular.  He recently had some shoulder lameness and we put him on adaquan injections.  Other feed and supplements are, 10% sweet feed and alpha & oat pellets (a mix of the two), strongid daily, & accel minerals.  

Horse#2 – Spirit – 5y/o TWH palomino gelding with 4 white feet used for trail riding and hopefully fox hunting.  I've only had him 2 months so we are still getting to know each other.  He was quite thin when we got him. His feed and supplements are, 10% sweet feed and alpha & oat pellets (a mix of the two), strongid daily, accel minerals and Amplify which is working well in putting some weight on him.  

Thank you for taking the time to help me.  I look forward to your reply.  

Sincerely, Deanna B.

Good News! It s an easy switch for all.

Just gradually switch from the same volume of commercial feed now feeding to the same volume of oats (whole). Take a few days to do so.

All horses will get Just Add Oats- 1 scoop per 1000 lbs or so and Weight Check Oil (one scoop or 2 oz is maintenance.. Give more to help put weight ..up to 8 oz daily but probably 4 to 6 will do great… This is good healthy fat not "junk fat" like so many products have).

All the horses need Red Cal provided "free-choice" (probably not the hi-mag version since no cresty necks or excessive overweight issues) For the horse on adequan— add for support our Joint Check supplement for support.

I would stop all other supplements,minerals and feed and for sure the daily wormer (go to for info on that). Spirit could get the health check instead of the joint check (the joint check however already has health check in it plus all the joint ingredients and the health check does cost less).

Enjoy the new horses!!! 

Thanks for asking!


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