Pam asked about help for dog with ulcers

My mom's poodle suffers from IBS or ulcers, full on bleeding in the stool, whenever she's exposed to food other than her strict diet. She got into some other dog food and ended up at the vet again on antibiotics and some other med to treat the bleeding (not sure what).  She needs to be on something that will strengthen her system, not just treat the acute symptoms when they happen.  Do you have anything for ulcers or can you recommend something for this situation.

Thanks, Kim

I would suggest a food called Innova. I would also suggest a full homeopathic work up by a veterinarian locally who practices such. (I do it but just don't have time.  It takes hours to even take the case and work it up). I would suggest however at least one does of a homeopathic remedy called Nux vomica 30 C potency and just give the pellets one time and the amount suggested for a child. I also suggest our product called Aller Check for pets. Its a powder that you put on the pet food.

Thanks for asking Pam- Hope this helps and keep me updated.