Mary Rose is entering endurance riding- has questions…

Dear Dr.Dan, I am starting to race my rocky mountain 5 years old mare in endurance racing.

I already feed "Just Add Oats" and "H2o oil", and will buy "Red Cal" after reading your article about it. My question: I don't know how much oats to feed (she is small..14.2 if 15 hands and small built frame ) and if i need anything else since we will be working daily 3 hours between walking/and a 7-8 mile trot?

I will compete with her in 25 miles/50 miles and our goal 100miles!!

Also, at racing I see people giving their horses a "wet mush" at vet checks, what should i give at this time?

Thanks you so much for your time, I have asked so many people but they say the direct opposite of what I know believe because of you!

Mary Rose

The oats are awesome. Start with the same amount of whatever you are feeding now. (of course gradually switch to the oats) You will love the Oil too. this is much much better for endurance. Use the Weight Check Oil  though. It is so much better than the H2OIl that we discontinued the H2oil even and really same price even.

Keep the RED Cal available at all times. Even in the trailer coming and going. Carry a baggy with you on the trail of Red Cal. for the electrolyte benefits of it. Mix a little oil with it if need be for the energy as well. sort of a paste like mix (if you need the extra energy from the oil.. which is the best more sustained energy than anything in my opinion)

keep me posted about your events!

Thank you so much!   I have used your Just Add Oats for two years plus the oil/  I will add the Red Cal.  FYI:  both of my horses had major problems with their feet (hooves)…after feeding your feed supplements both are now 100% strong and run w/o shoes now-barefoot trims.  Thank you for your products!  I hope to be strong in endurance racing!

Mary Rose