Betsy asked about 18 Yr Old Quarter Horse with Heaves

Dear Dr. Dan;  

My horse has come down with heaves 2x this year.  Fever, cough, difficulty breathing.  We will be doing allergy test in about 1 month and having her bronchials checked at University of Madison next week.  I am not sure if your product is strong enough for what is going on with her?  Can you help with any suggestions?

I see tons of heaves. Personally I think allergy testing is of little value. They always come back allergic to every thing you couldn't possible keep them away from.

My suggestion as has worked for hundreds and hundreds is to help get rid of the junk currently in the body (our Health Check supplement is great) not put any more in (get them off ALL commercial feeds and use the drugs as little as possible and preferably none at all) see or read the first section of the magazine ( on allergies and what to feed  and support the immune system with our Aller Check supplement. If horse has any joint issues or is older our joint check can and should be used instead of health check.

I think you will be surprised with the results. Hopefully a new horse with time. Of course avoid the dusty hay etc. as I am sure you already know

Thanks for asking Betsy!