Pam with comments and questions…

My horses all are on a combination of Hays. I live in california so we board our horses and are limited to hay that facilities buy,  but we now have more places feeding mix of hays …so ours are on alfalfa/ bermuda and some are on timothy/alfalfa. all are on – Just Add Oats/Red Cal/Oil (Feeding program) and whole oats. bringing me to another ? are whole oats best or rolled or crimped or does not matter/— the mare that is having the worst problem is also on bug check and the natural wormer, she is having a hard time maintaining her weight as well. Her feet are even getting shelly and her quarter crack is returning and it was all healed up , she is barefoot and has a barefoot trimmer.  My mare looks great but is faded from the sun so what you say makes since on her.

One other mare is just fine in her weight but she is a bit dull, has not been on the products quite as long as the others, before being on these products she was shiney and fat(not to fat) but she was having a lot of body issues–she has had chiropractic work ,body work and a new saddle and pad. She is kicking the fence and making her hind legs swell,grinds her teeth during workouts, her mane is dull. hope that is enough info.

I am still very happy with the products- just trying to make them better. I sent some bug check to my sister in OK and she is exstatic, it works fabulous on hers and my horses, who were getting bloody from fly bites. She also noticed the flies are not reproducing in her barn area.

Tthanks so much….. Pam

I would add the Hoof Check supplement and the Hoof Check conditioner for the mare with the bad feet. Increasing the oil will help as well. May or may not need these forever but it will for sure hasten improvement and be sure RED CAL is free choice all the time. Be sure you are doing fecals exams and not just relying on any "dewormer" regardless of source. There are many resistant species today from over use of chemicals. Extra Weight Check oil will help increase weight too. you can give up to 8 oz per day but increase gradually. Also, I'm not fond of crimped oats, I prefer Whole oats. Crimped (hull broken) are only 6 percent more digestibility efficient but once crimped they must be fed fresh because they start to go rancid quickly.

Thanks For Sharing and Thanks For Asking!