from facebook: Vanessa asks about Navicular Syndrome

Dr. Dan… any 'natural' remedies for navicular??? Can you educate me a little bit??? I understand the cause is from poor shoeing… so with proper shoeing… anything else that can be done?
Venessa K.

Hi Vanessa… I wouldn't necessarily Navicular Syndrome is from poor shoeing??? Many potential causes including trauma from any source and nutrition. There is no specific treatment HOWEVER I have seen many do great…

The first thing I would try and often has shown results is to put the horse on our Joint Check supplement. With a 1000 lb horse I would See Morestart with 2 scoops daily and probably continue there even. That alone has helped many. I would also suggest following our feeding program: to the "T". Nutrition is critical overall. Getting off commercial feed is important. The website above and links within will help explain that too.

Thanks For Asking!