Didn't think we could do better than our H2Oil, but with our Weight Check Oil, we did!

We need to pass along an update in regards to the discontinuing of offering our Hoof and Health Oil product formerly known as H2Oil.Weight
Check Oil

After the introduction of our GMO-FREE Weight Check Oil we have become increasingly aware that folks were ordering much, much more of it- and for great reasons.

The results and benefits that have been obtained have become phenomenal and a major reason for the increased popularity of our GMO-FREE Weight Check Oil and we couldn't be more pleased with how it has performed and still be able to make it available at basically the same price- considering also that we have recently added a 5-gallon "value-pack".

Simply put, it is a much much better product, that I would much rather see you using for your horses and a big reason we decided over a year ago to only include the Weight Check Oil in our "What To Feed Your Horse" packs. What To Feed Your Horse- Click Here

Again, the results from those that have chose to "Feed For Success" have been phenomenal. Those packs are great way to introduce your horse and to supplement them into our preferred feeding program.

I wanted to also add…

Change is sometimes difficult but I am constantly striving for better.

As for analysis there is very little difference in Omega 3 and 6 however omega 9 is significantly higher in Weight Check: :… See More

H2oil: 24% Oleic (omega 9) , Weight Check 34% (this more than makes up for the coconut oil. there is slightly less Lauric acid in the weight check but both are around 1% or less anyway AND we got a number of complaints with the "solids" in H2oil and not being able to get them out of the jar.. this is just not an issue with the weight check. )

H2oil: (omega 6) 51%, Weight Check (omega 6), 51.47%

H2oil (omega 3) 8 %, Weight Check (omega 3) 8.31%

A major factor too is that I have complete control over the product from the farm where the beans are grown all the way to the jar. …THIS is a MAJOR issue for me as we strive to literally have complete control on all products source wise.

End results…Better Weight Loss "if needed", More Weight Gain "if needed" by giving more than the 2 oz maintenance for the hard keepers" — just overall better results with regards to metabolism.

As for "Coat and Hoof" .. really not much difference .. and really very very few issues taste wise except one in a hundred or so will take a day or two for the conversion.

Overall comments Health wise are definitely more numerous. Truly, All one has to do is literally look at the oil and see the higher quality.
Believe me, it is higher quality.

I do appreciate your support as always and take nothing for granted- just try to what's best. I do hope this helps to understand.



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  1. Colleen Murphy

    I have been adding Weight check oil to my horses oats, plus Just Add OatsX2, for 4-6 months.  I can see a difference in their coats, they simply shine, and I do not wash my horses.  My farrier was trimming their feet, they are barefoot, and he kept remarking on how healthy their feet were.  He had been seeing "heat cracks" on many of his horses.  My horses have been subjected to many weather extremes this year and their feet have been held up beautifully.  

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