Dian asked about transition from bag feed to oats…

I am feeding MG 12-8 to my two 7 year old horses who are not ridden but left to pasture.  I had them on your products previously but started bag feed last year.  They look terrible-drab coats now, whereas before they were shiny and healthy looking. What would you suggest when converting over to Just Add Oats?  Is it ok to feed my miniature donkeys Just Add Oats as well?

Thanks, Dian K

Any horse, mule, donkey etc is super on our feeding program. AND thanks for asking. Just gradually switch back to the oats over a few days. To the oats add the Just Add Oats and the Weight Check oil supplements. Make Red Cal free choice available at all times. See www.whattofeedyourhorse.com. For more info. Thanks again for asking!



  1. I switched my horse to oats 2 months ago. I am fortunate to live on a farm that grows all the oats I need with lots of pasture and hay. I am so thankful for Dr. Dan opening my eyes to the dangers of bagged feed.  My horses look beautiful shiny coats and they have the needed weight  for horses in there 20's. I will be adding Red Cal to their diet as well.  I threw out my old hoof conditioner and I am now using Hoof Check Conditioner  and the Finally Something That Works all natural bug repellent .   Thanks Dr Dan.

  2. Dr. Dan

    Thank you so much for taking the time for sharing this Anita



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