on Facebook, Sandy asked about Bug Check

Dr. Dan, the flies and mosquitoes are really bothering our 3 horses this year!! (We are in the Midwest) Fly spray used every day is not helping and they have sores all over their body. Will Bug Check really make a difference? If not, would the next best thing be fly sheets (I think that's what they are called)? It is getting unbearable.

Hi Sandy… I can't say will work 100%, but definitely you will notice a difference. Every farm is slightly different, so use whatever amount needed to help reduce.

I uploaded a new audio to the http://DrDanLibrary.com/ from the Midwest Horse Fair back in April, and when going through the recorder the other day there was this: http://www.audioacrobat.com/play/WMs0Vxx9

You can also see more at http://www.BuyBugCheck.com/ as well as see "all things bug check" at the AskDrDan site https://askdrdan.com/HOME/?s=bug+check'

The thing is, it's very economical and contains grape seed meal for antioxidant benefits as well!

Thanks for asking Sandy!