Julia asks about supplements for Angora Rabbits…

Greetings Dr Dan and the Natural Vet team.
I first became familiar with your products through your booth at the MD Horse Expo, but had only shopped them with my horses and cats in mind.  In the past couple years we have added Angora rabbits and chickens to our farm as well.  After reading your recent commentary on flax seeds, which I sometimes give my rabbits thinking it would provide a nutritious treat, I have become curious about what you would suggest as dietary supplements for good fiber production.   

We mainly raise them for their wool, but we have and plan to also have a litter or two of kits every year.  They are currently fed a diet of Purina pellets (largely alfalfa based) and timothy hay, with alfalfa-grass hay for moms and growing kits, giving fresh greens, veggies, sunflower seeds, fruits, and horse grain as treats and diet supplements (listed in decreasing order of quantity/frequency in their diet).  I’ve always thought quality whole foods are the cornerstone to a healthy animal with a healthy gut.    I would like to move away from reliance on pellets, but information on "raw diet" for rabbits is often conflicting or poorly supported.  Is there anything you might suggest to improve the quality of feed and supplementation in our small rabbitry? 

Thanks much, Julia

hello Julia,

I would consider adding our Weight Check oil (for horses etc. too). I would try about 1/4 teaspoon per day.

Thanks for asking a great question!

Oh, I would still offer them the Red Cal "free choice" and see how they respond as well…

Thanks again for asking!