Elaine asks about Just Add Oats, allergies…

Hi, I am interested in ordering the equine product ‘Just Add Oats’.  I have a horse that has severe allergies to most things including soy, molasses and flax seed.  Every product  seems to have one or more of these ingredients.  Please advise if your product is clear of these.  Thank you, Elaine J.

Just Add Oats has NONE of either…… BUT truth is allergy tests always come back allergic to everything you can’t keep them away from.. personally I have found that the key is getting off all commercial feed, follow our feeding program, www.whattofeedyourhorse.com,  to the "T" which does include soy bean oil (totally different to soy and hundreds allergic to soy on it that do great) the Just Add Oats and our RED CAL.. I also suggest Health Check to help get rid of "junk" in the system already and Aller Check supplement to help get them through the initial issue (if they have hives, lung issues currently etc.) Thanks for asking Elaine!

P.S. Check out our allergy article in the magazine (www.DrDanMag.com), and our video and use www.askdrdan.com site and the search box/function for your issue (allergies etc.)