Gayle asks about Supplements for Pregnant Mare…

I want to find out if your supplements have been proven safe for a pregnant mare.  The  supplements I’m most interested in are:  Bug Check, something to help minimize ulcers that result from stress and something that will reduce hives/allergies.  The mare is confirmed  45+ days in foal and when she gets stressed develops ulcers and/or starts to windsuck/crib.  This year’s foal has been weaned and we want to get the mare to some shows before she gets too large.  What do you suggest that is safe for this mare?

Anything we offer is fine except we have to legally put warnings on our joint check and Critical Care. But, I personally have 60+ Mares and they, and thousands and thousands of others, "get" all the products and have been doing so for many many years. Use the "Search" box at site for "allergies" etc. and also refer to the many articles, audios videos etc at . Thanks for asking!