Debbie with questions about goat feeding and worming…

I am getting 2 4 week old Nigerian Dwarf goats and would like to know what to feed them and what supplement they might need.  I also want to know what you recommend for worming them and if they NEED shots?  I have never had goats before.  I have 2 horses on your basic feeding program and bug check.  I recall reading somewhere that goats can also use the red-cal.  Any info would be helpful.

Red cal for sure free choice, worm check if needed. I would probably just get a feed balanced for goats. Our just add oats has too much copper so don’t use it unless you just use a pinch with oats. Our weight oil would be fine (tea soon or so daily). And our bug Check is great too.  Hope this helps.

Dr Dan,
Thanks for the info.  One more question on the worming. I was told that goats need vigourous worming. You recommended worm check "if needed".  Should I be doing fecal exams on the goats as well as my horses?  Worm check would be the only sufficient wormer required?  Now when using the worm check, how much of it do you use for a goat? They are small Nigerian Dwarf goats. I do use the Bug Check for my horses and would like to know a quantity for the goats to feed daily.

One last question, do you have to give any shots to goats?

Debbie H.

Fecals- YES on all species. Amount of Worm Check should be 1/4 tube but you still need fecals and I suggest monthly until you know that they are consistently negative or low amounts. I don’t give vaccinations to any species unless required by law period so you would need to ask someone else as to what is "ordinary". thanks for asking! As for amount of Bug Check i would give as much as it takes to help control.. any amount is only healthy. I would start with 1/4 oz or so daily and work up as needed. i would for sure add RED CAL to the routine… "free choice" . Thanks for asking Debbie!