Dawn about her 10 year old quarter horse mare and allergies…

Dr. Moore.  I have a 10 year old quarter horse mare who has been through al ot.  She had her ovaries removed. At 5 years old because of extreme pain one was the size of a grapefruit and the other a thumbnail.  She does not get her vaccines because she is allergic to all but west Nile and intra nasal strangles she also has muscle disorder   But after two samples still said too much connective tissue this from the university of Michigan. She has Started to cough in her stall as well as riding.  We did an allergy test and she is allergic to every thing she we were thinking about giving her the allergy shots but were scared she has such bad reactions to shots we want to put her on your diet but she is allergic to oats. We feel like our hands are tied. Some said to get a homeopathic allergist to make up drops instead of shots.  But we are not independently  wealthy but we do thank there are things we can do to help her with your help.

Hi Dawn, amazing how they always come back allergic to everything you can’t possibly keep them away from. personally i would never get or give allergy shots. Please review the article on allergies in the magazine AND the video in our library section of our www.naturalhorsevet.com.

I have helped hundreds , if not thousands with out shots but rather by just changing diet and adding a few products for support. If you will follow www.whattofeedyourhorse.com feeding program to the "T" along with adding Aller Check for immune support and Health Check (to help support the liver detox of "junk" in the system currently) you will likely have a new horse. If anything will help nutritionally and without drugs this will.. the vaccines, dewormers and especially commercial feeds (full of hydrogenated fats which actually make all the cells in the body like little plastic balls which prevent the nutrients from getting into cells and "junk" from getting out.. they are killing people and our horses) are the biggest cause in my opinion.
Thanks for asking Dawn!