Laurie's horse not drinking… asks about Hydraid…

Do you have any samples of Hydraid? When I try to use a paste electrolyte my horse acts as if I am trying to kill him. He won’t even drink to rinse his mouth to get rid of the electrolyte. He is not drinking well on the trail or even back at the trailer when we return. Not good. I would like to be sure he would drink it.

Thanks Laurie

It is a powder. One tablespoon in a feed bucket. They eat it immediately and go drink. Sorry but we don’t have any samples. I haven’t had anyone ever complain OR return however. I also always suggest our Red Cal for all the time use. We never even travel with without it being available free-choice at all times. Thanks for asking!

PS.. I personally guarantee everything for satisfaction. Simply call to get a return authorization on where to send and we would gladly refund any the price of the product. Again thanks
Dr Dan

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