Allana asked about diet for her EPSM horse

My horse was recently diagnosed with shivers, a form of EPSM. The diet for EPSM horses is all forage based – no sugar, low carb and high fat. Any suggestions for what to feed an EPSM horse if they can’t have oats or molasses?

 Thanks, Allana

I see many many such horses. If you will forget most of what you have been told about it and follow the feeding program at to the "T" you will have a new horse. Oats ARE the original low starch diet. Typical commercial low starch diets are full of hydrogenated fats which are a large part of the cause. All I would add is our Health check supplement to help support the liver detox of the past bad fats and "junk" in the system. I would instead of the typical maintenance amount of our Weight Check (which is good fats)… would double it to 4 oz per day not the typical 2. Expect a new horse soon. .

Thanks for asking Allana!