Joyce- Transferring my horse over to feeding program…

Dr. Dan, I just joined as an affiliate through Joe Camp who I follow religiously. I saw a video on Facebook from an Equine Affaire you spoke at also and made the decision to change my horse over to your feeding program.

HE is a 1,000lb TWH in pretty good shape. HE had gained 300 lbs on sweet feed the first year I owned him (5 years ago) due to my lack of knowledge but we got that weight off after I moved him to another stable. HE has been on Safechoice for the last two years. In a year we plan on having our own barn but, for 1 more year I am boarding him. HE only gets out in paddock 4 hours a day and pasture every third day. I go everyday to graze him and ride minimally right now as I learn to ride. I follow the Parelli program so my relationship has been first for the last year and a half. I have to stay at this barn for a year and would like your suggestion as to gradually change his food. He is barefoot already….That was one of the first things I did 4 years ago. Hooves are great. He has a salt block with selinium as Ohio soil has none. I can get rid of it though no problem. She has salt blocks and water in all turnout areas but he seems to like his fresh water when he comes in. He has two water buckets except in winter he will have 1 heated bucket. They only fill in the evening so I go and make sure he has more during the day.

I feel like this is to much information but want you to have a good picture of his life right now so you can make an informed suggestion for me. Thank you so much for caring about our horses.

Joyce H.

Transferring over is as easy as just doing it!  There are no complications.. just gradually as you would with any feed, over a week or so switch to the same volume of oats that you are now giving of commercial feed. Start adding the supplements day one… if they "baulk" at all, start over with just a pinch of the supplements and work back up to the amounts suggested on the labels.   Thanks for asking and enjoy your new horse with the new program, our website will also have info.

Thank you Joyce,

Dr Dan