Jody: Roaring noise when my horses breathe?

I have another question to do with the Fjord and the Mustang who have anaplasma.  When they are standing at ease, every now and then they make a bit of a roaring noise when they breathe. What could be causing this. It is not constant. It does not appear that they are breathing hard.

Jody B.

Roaring has multiple potential causes. I once had a horse personally that turned into a roarer post-strangles and I have no doubt the strangles developed from the vaccine given to prevent strangles… needless to say I don’t vaccinate anymore…. bottom line is that any inflammation in the larynx or trachea can cause.
Regardless you might consider our joint Check to support and boost the immune system AND it also has some great anti-inflammatory ingredients, of course nothing is specific for treatment of roaring. I would NOT suggest the surgery for roaring. It didn’t work at all for ours.
I wouldn’t hesitate to have your horses checked for other causes. Anemia can cause unusual sounds overall. Not necessarily from the throat area but definitely from the lungs.