Jody asks about anaplasma/ehrlichiosis…HELP

I have two horses diagnosed with this, a 15 yr old Fjord and a 24 yr old mustang who also has cushings.  

The vet was treating them with doxycycline, the Fjord had many problems with this medication and was changed to injections of ampicillin, which he also had troubles with.  

What would you suggest as a treatment for this illness. We are from Mass, I have not heard of many cases of this here. Plus I don’t really understand what it is.  Both are off the meds, Mustang finished hers and the Fjord could not tolerate any meds. Is there a better more natural way to treat this?


There is no natural specific treatment but what you can do is support the immune system and the gut. For this I would suggest our Aller Check supplement and our Gut Check supplement. I would also put them on our Bug Check to help keep the bugs off in the future.

These are all fine for the Cushings horse as well. I would highly suggest our feeding program for each too. go to  getting off commercial feed is in my opinion the best thing you can do for any horse, especially one with cushings or if you wish to help prevent such issues…  commercial feeds are just full of junk. enjoy the articles videos etc. in the library section. You can also do a search on this site using the search box at right and search for other answers and past situations with others.

Thanks for asking Jody


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  1. Elaine Hollis

    Dr. Wessner has supplied me with a fantastic liquid combination of pituitary, thyroid and adrenal tinctures that have reduced the swelling under her jaw and eliminated the need for body clipping on the 28 year old paint mare that is boarded in my barn.  Unfortunately she suffered with a infection in her facial sinus from a cracked tooth. The usual antibiotics had her down to hips and ribs showing.  I gave her my fast track probiotics to help her get her digestive system working again, and used homeopathic remedys to get out the infection.  Now she is eating normally  and gaining  her weight back since we used the weight check with her oats and barley and alfalfa cubes soaked to soften them and make them easy to  chew. Hoping you will be interested in the Pituitary Thyroid and Supraadrenal tinctures that has made such a difference in the roan paint mare named LACEY. I wish I had found out about this when I had my favorite old school mare on Emerald Valleys' EVITEX.  This is so much better than the Evitex.Now I am searching for a remedy for a gelding with anhidrosis.
    Elaine Hollis

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