Angel asks about a Diet for Quarter Horse with Cushings…

Hi Dr. Dan,  

My 12 year old Quarter horse gelding was just diagnosed with Cushings.  So, I was wondering what is the best diet and what are acceptable treats for him?  Currently, my horse’s insulin is ok.  He is a little underweight and is loosing muscle tone.  His diet includes Timothy Hay 3 times a day, 1 pound of hay pellets in the evening with his medicine which is Pergolide(powder form)and some EquiPride vitamins.  I was thinking of giving him some stabilized rice bran, but I am not sure if that is acceptable.  Any assistance you could provide would be very much appreciated.  

Sincerely, Angel A.

I would highly suggest our feeding program at 
I do NOT suggest rice bran. it can pull calcium out of bones. Our Weight Check oil suggested at the website in the program will help with the weight. Amazing how a little of it helps loose weight, yet slightly more can help them gain if they need to.

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Thanks for asking Angel