Lisa asked about Dog (de) Worming…

Hi Dr. Dan…
I was referred to you by a very good friend, who uses your products.  I have a small, Beagle, female dog that is 2 years old that acquired or adopted us.  She was abandoned in our neighborhood last year.  We don’t know any medical history about her except that she was on her own for a very long time running the neighborhood.  She was not spayed until last week.  When I took her to the vet, they told me that I had to have all these vaccinations and heart and intestinal worm testing.    

My friend told me that I should contact you first to see if there is a natural way to eliminate heart worms (if she has them) and/or prevent them?  

The same question for the intestinal worms. What about fleas?  I have not seen any at our house here in LaVergne, TN.   One last question, what about chiggers?  Do dogs get chiggers?  Is there a natural product for preventing those as well?  

Thanks for your time and information.  Lisa

Legally No to all the answers but I would suggest the supplement of ours called Bug Check (Horse formula nd a Pet formula available) to help keep the bugs at bay. Many have used our horse product called Worm Check for their dogs as well as horses. It also works by supporting the immune system.

As for vaccinations personally, I only vaccinate for what is REQUIRED by law. That would be rabies but of course I am not a normal vet. I would always suggest fecal exams before any deworming and suggest the blood test for heart worms. There is no natural Heart worm pvt but of course Bug Check for pets supplement will make them less tasty for the mosquitoes that carry it.  BUT it is NOT a preventative.

Thanks for asking. Hope this helps.