Deb asked about MSM and Joint Check

Dr. Dan, Does Joint Check include MSM?

 I checked the ingredient list and did not see it, which surprised me.  I am using it on a 29 year old mare who suffered a major spinal and/or rib injury last summer and who now looks like she was put together wrong.  The vet‘s prognosis is "The best you can hope for is she’ll be wobbly".  After buying some at the Equine Affaire last fall, her health and comfort level immediately improved and she made it through the winter, but we will never be able to ride her again.  When she doesn’t take her Joint Check, every joint in her body clicks when she moves!  We rescued a companion horse for her in February who suffered an unknown injury last summer that "would have taken time to heal", thus causing him to be rescued from the kill pen by a kind soul last summer.  He has chronic lameness that we can not identify, so I started him on Joint check, too.  However, since his lameness appears to be related to his shoulders and could possibly have an arthritic component, I was checking for the MSM.

Joint Check  -

 I would love to get him sound again as he is a beautiful animal who appears to be well trained and loves the kids.

 In the meantime, we swear by JointCheck and what it has done for the old mare!

Deb C.


MSM is just a cheap source of sulfur that could best be taken up in the formula by better more available sources of such. For instance our Joint Check instead has all the ingredients of our product called Health Check. if anything will help nutritionally it will and I would be very surprised if you aren’t very pleased!  

I do appreciate your comments Deb and Thanks for asking!

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