Tania's question about Lymes…

Dr. Dan…

Two of my horses will be tested for Lymes tomorrow. They both have had some deer tick bites this spring. They are mildly lethargic, swollen glands, low grade fever, body sore and were stocked up, retained some mild filling.  The vet wants to do a ‘Flash’ test (something with immediate results) and if positive start on a 4 day IV regimen of antibiotics at the clinic. They are 24/7 horses, in 5 acres of hilly pasture. No grain, natural mined loose salt, and Pennwood minerals with a little beet pulp. No vaccines or wormer this year (fecals OK). Lymes is awful around here, people and animals.

I wonder if there is anything ‘natural’ I can do to help them thru this….I’m just finishing my own second round of Lymes and it’s nasty. Thank you in advance.  Tania


Hello Tania… Keep the bugs off and support the immune system. Regardless of what you do drug wise. 

So what I suggest from a supplement viewpoint is our Bug Check for sure (have had great results for ticks… Not 100percent but great). I also suggest our Aller Check for immune support.  Of course I suggest our feeding program at the website shown below and I would immediately stop the beet pulp (it sucks the nutrition right out of the gut in my opinion).

Hang in there!  I have seen many benefits but I would hesitate to treat however the vet suggests for now. The Health Check (help get rid of the junk) and Gut Check  (probiotics, enzymes etc) will help negate the effects of such.

Thanks for asking!