Melissa asks about a brusied hoof and shares a testimonial…

Hi Dr. Dan!

 My mare bruised her hoof. Any recommendations?

 I want to thank you for all your help. Our horses look amazing with only three months of being on your products. We got through all the itching like you said she was getting the junk (discharge) out of her body. Our clients horses are amazed with their results as well.   The horse that had the shoe boil healed up amazing thanks to the help of your great product grape balm.  

Thanks again,  


Thanks so much Melissa.

I would again use the Grape Balm on the bruise. It does have a "drawing" effect as well as soothing. I would also suggest the Hoof Check supplement for growth support and the Joint Check for "detox" support and anti-inflammatory support.

As always, Thanks for asking!