Re-Launching "Worm Check DotCom"

A few months ago we launched as a "sister site" to our question/answer site and this week we are excited to be re-launching the site with some new features!

The new site is devoted entirely to all things deworming, fecal exams, parasites etc. an area that we have have had strong opinions on for several years regardless of who’s (been) onboard with us then, now or not ever!

We have already linked up important audios and documents that you’ll want to review and share with others. You’ll also found one of my "archived" videos from a few years back that I think you’ll enjoy.

Click To Go- WormCheck.comThere is also a link to an online form to use so that you can ASK your questions that deal specifically with your  deworming/fecal/parasite concerns. We are here to help- as always!

I know you’ll want to bookmark this site along with our others sites and I hope you find it one you’ll want to review over and over. And be sure to play the "WormShot" game while you’re there!

Visit: Today

Thank You!

Dr. Dan
Dr. Dan Moore, DVM