Shaunte' asked about horse's Allergies…

Hi, I met you at the Equine Affair with my husband and mom.

We were had talked about my horse who’s got bad allergies. He breaks out all over his skin. Anyways, I had thought maybe it was Alfalfa that he was allergic too and had switched over to Timothy hay last year and it cleared up, however it has now come back.

I will be ordering the Aller Check from you but I don’t remember if you had told me to put him on any other product.

I’m also now thinking that he could be allergic to pesticides and want to try and find a supplier that uses no pesticides on their hay.

Almost every allergy test done comes back with them being allergic to everything under the sun that you couldn’t possibly keep them away from so…

My advise is to focus on the immune system.  Commercial feeds in my opinion, vaccinations, dewormers etc are the primary thing that messes such up. Aller Check may help alone but I really suggest getting the horse off all commercial feed and following to the "T" the feeding program at

I also suggest Bug Check supplement for obvious reasons (often the trigger but not the cause) and Health Check to help support the liver detox of the "junk" already in the system.

There are various articles and audios and even a video on the website library section.

Thanks for asking