New "Live" Audio from Equine Affaire- "To Be Dewormed or Not To Be"

Here’s the audio recording from a live presentation I did
at the Equine Affaire in Pomona California, February, 2010.

It’s loaded with information about deworming, fecal exams and
so much more in regards to the health of today’s horses.

I might also add that there has been lots of "on target" information
released in other publications just in the past month.

This leads me to only add…

"Finally leading parasitoligists are calling for
fecal exams too instead of "just deworming",
something I’ve said for over a decade.

Simply click the play arrow on the player below or
optionally download the MP3 file to your
computer or audio device:

MP3 File

Also, visit for companion articles,
postings and information.

Especially be sure to read the article here:



  1. melissa

    thank you for being a champion to man and all the horses on the planet…you inspire and you offer solutions that heal and not hurt.
    thank you!
    …my horses thank you!

  2. Victoria

    We have been listening to you for years now and not suprised that the experts are all starting to say the same thing – don't deworm unless you have evidence of worms –  validattion is good but appreciate you leading with years of research and passion for finding natural solutions.

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