Christine asked about fish oil for horses…

Dear Dr. Dan;    

I would like your opinion on equine supplements containing fish oil.

I am concerned with this because I feel that it is not natural to feed an herbivore any animal by products. As in bovine spongiform AKA mad cow dz. Can you weigh in on this issue? I feel while fish oil is fine for humans I am concerned that I have seen lately some equine supplements containing fish oil. Thank you.

Also I am happy to see how they have changed deworming recommendations and are recommending fecal testing now. New article in April edition of Horse Illustrated.

Thank you Dr. Dan for being ahead of the curve and keep up the good work!  Sincerely, Christine Jones Canastota, NY

Thank you. I too am concerned and do not use or suggest fish oil for horses. Pets and people yes but with caution as to quality and source. I will however say that the "Icelandic’s" horse does "supposedly" eat fish in Icelandics but I have not confirmed. Certainly seems out of the ordinary though. Thanks again.