Susan asked about her horse's hooves…

My horse was shod on Wed and pulled his shoes on Thurs.  

He’s been barefoot now for 4 days and has not been turned out.

 Because iof the extremely muddy conditions I’m considering not shoeing him this wk since there weather will be warming up and the snow will continue to melt and turning hin out indoors.  

He’s on the biotin supplement for his hoofs.  

Should we increase the dosage to reduce his ouchiness?  

What do you suggest?
Hoof Check

Hello Susan,

Biotin has Nothing to do with discomfort and is really just a simple B vitamin anyway.

There are many other factors involved in hoof care. Check out our Hoof supplement called Hoof check which has them all.

For your specific question I would suggest our Joint Check supplement as well.  

Thanks for asking!