Melissa's question about EPSM…

I have a friend that is interested in learning more about your product.

Her main concern is they think her mare might have EPSM (eqiune polyscharide storage myopathy).

They say she needs 2 cups of fat per thousand pounds body weight and she has to be exercised regularly & she has to have some alfalfa for protien and she needs to be sure her selenium is on and vitamin e is good balanced.  

What is your feedback and recommendations for a horses like this?

Also she had her on corn oil and as soon as she took her off the mare was very tired and sleepy.  

Thanks,  Melissa

Corn oil and other hydrogenated fats are actually part of the cause in my opinion.

They are terrible.

I suggest our feeding program be followed to the "T" at

Our Weight Check oil which is crude unrefined, not hydrogenated and the Just Add Oats and Red Cal has helped hundreds of such horses.  Selenium, vit E etc will also be handled.  

I would also suggest for added support of the liver in getting rid of the "junk", including the bad fats, our Health Check.

Expect a new horse soon.

Thanks For Asking!