another onboard the "feed for success" train!

I am thinking of switching my feeding program and your approach makes sense. Regarding oats, what type do you suggest…crimped, steamed, rolled,etc..not sure I even understand what the differences are but what do you recommend?

You talked about the optimal feed not being cooked or processed but aren’t the oats altered to some extent? Would appreciate your insight regarding this issue.

Also, the red cel salt/electrolyte supplement, should that be offered dry or in water as an additional bucket?

Looking forward to your response.

Jamie P.

Thanks Jamie.

For Red Cal it is as simple as hanging a bucket on a fence post and making sure there is always an inch or so in the bucket. When it rains on it even makes it better because it makes it stick to the bottom of the bucket so if they play with the bucket it won’t even spill out. You never even have to wash the bucket. Just keep adding fresh Red Cal.

As for the oats… I suggest whole oats.  Crimped are only 6 percent more digestible but generally they are not worth the difference since once the ends are "crimped" off (or rolled or whatever) they actually start going rancid. They are fine if fresh but otherwise just whole oats.

Hope this helps. Thanks for asking and welcome aboard to the "Feeding For Success" train!