Judi asked about allergies along with "what to feed her horse"?

Dr. Dan…

My horse has allergies per testing we have done through Bio-Medical Services.  

It shows that he is border-line allergic to oats, molasses, apples and other grasses, weeds, etc. How accurate are these tests?

I am feeding timothy hay and his supplements with timothy pellets. You recommend feeding oats. Doesn’t that make them more engergic? Is it safe to feed if the allergy tests show this allergy?

Am getting confused as to what to feed to keep him healthy.

He is a 13-year old quarter horse gelding.

Judi C.

I have many many horse "allergic to oats" that eat them. I just can’t get allergies better without getting them off all the commercial junk. I highly suggest oats regardless of the "tests".

To the oats add the Just Add Oats and the Weight Check oil and offer Red Cal free choice (these I suggest for all horses.

See www.WhatToFeedYourHorse.com

In your case I would add the Aller Check for immune support  and the Health check supplement to help support the liver detox.  You probably won’t need the Aller check for ever but will the Health Check.

If it is worse during the summer months be sure to add the Bug Check.

Hundreds and hundreds have been helped with the above. Just take them off everything else supplement and feed wise. Thanks for asking!!